Sell National Indemnity Company Annuity

The experts here at are here to help you sell off any and all annuities that you have invested in. Our calculator will help you to understand the current and future value of any assets that you are looking to trade in for a lump sum payment today.

One company owned by Berkshire Hathaway and financial guru Warren Buffet is National Indemnity Company based out of Omaha, Nebraska. The current company is run by it’s parent Berkshire Hathaway who is a large player in both the annuity and structured settlement business.

Their phone number for research and reference purposes is: National Indemnity Company, 402-916-3395

What we will do if you are receiving a payment that comes in over the next twenty years that pay 7.16% interest that was originally purchased for your son and daughter or grandchildren we can help you to trade that in for money today.

Fast Cash Advance For Your Annuity

Here at the official Annuity Calculator website where we help you to raise the money that you need during a hardship. We have found it to be very helpful to get you the settlement or annuity loan quickly when times are tough.

If you call one of our toll free hotlines we are glad to help you out and send you over an advance on your future annuity payments that you are due to receive.

We do this because we care about our clients and want you to feel and know that you are going to be financially sound at the end of the day.

structured settlement cash now

Structured Settlement Cash Now Review

Structured Settlement payments are received as a result of a lawsuit and there are a few very reputable companies that purchase these payments. This is a review of the leader in the industry structured Settlement Cash now.

If you are receiving monthly structured settlement, annuity or lottery payments, then you might just be eligible to cash out in full today. To do this, you would need to take advantage of the services of a structured settlement company like Structured Settlement Cash Now (SSCN).


Introducing Structured Settlement Cash Now


Located at 1829 Reistertown Rd (Suite #350) in Pikesville, Maryland, Structured Settlement Cash Now is fully qualified to process a structured settlement payout for you. The company will create the initial agreement, obtain approval from the court and then initialize ties with the payer.


The result is that you can cash in your settlement, annuity or lottery for a fair and decent lump sum payment. However, the question still remains — is this a trustworthy company?


Trustworthiness Factors To Consider


Before we officially review Structured Settlement Cash Now, we want to define the three most important strengths of any financial entity:


Company Strength: This refers to the company’s overall business track record in the financial industry.

Customer Service: This points to the company’s ability to respond quickly and courteously.

Website Functionality: This refers to whether or not the company’s website is easy to use.


Company Strength


SSCN may have been in operation for only 2 years, but it has already garnered a boatload of online attention. Clients just like you from all across the nation can attest to the company’s commitment to delivering the very best results. This translates to a lower discount value, and thus more money in your pockets!


Customer Service


This particular company keeps staff on hand at all times to answer any and all your questions. You need only dial 877-392-8106 to speak with a representative. All our conversations with SSCN representatives have thus far been both very friendly and very informative. Given that, we rate this company’s customer service as being A+.


Website Functionality


We found the website to be very easy to use. We were quickly able to locate relevant information, including but not included to contact information and services information, not to mention articles galore on the intricacies of structured settlement lump-sum payouts. Anything you could possibly need is included in the site.


We especially appreciate all the articles about the legalities involved with a structured settlement payment, and we definitely recommend you review all the information in full before you get started.


Payout Process


The payout process too is very easy to follow. Plus, SSCN’s specialists will walk you through every step, meaning you’ll never be left lost and alone.


You start off by submitting your personal information using the contact form at

  • SSCN’s trained financial analysts will then closely evaluate your claim and then call you to help you choose a payment plan.
  • After you choose a plan, SSCN will provide you with several contracts that you’ll need to have signed and notarized.
  • The company will then verify all the information, reach out to the insurance company and set up a court appointment.
  • The last step involves simply waiting for everything to go through, after which you will receive your payment and be done.


In conclusion, we believe Structured Settlement Cash Now to be a reliable, high-quality settlement entity well worth considering if you want a lump-sum payment. It possesses a solid track record for success. It offers terrific customer service. It runs an easy-to-use website. And most importantly, the company is more than adequately equipped to ensure you receive the very best sum payment possible.

So if you are certain that you want to cash out your settlement, then contact SSCN today!

cah for settlement payments

Cash For Settlement Payments

Life throws a lot of difficult situations at you. When there is a dark cloud hovering over you stripping you of the cash that you need now your head begins to spin correct? Well thats why companies like cash for settlement payments are created to help out those in need to raise money by selling off future annuity, lottery, and structured settlement payments.

Cash For Settlement Payments Review

When it comes to liquidating a structured settlement, not all factoring companies are the same. If you take time to survey many companies, you’ll quickly discover that the discount rates differ widely. The simple truth is that finding a reliable company to sell your structured settlement isn’t like buying a car. You can’t just pick a dealer and be done. You have to do your research!


Fortunately for you, we have already done all the research beforehand! We surveyed this highly specialized market and checked out all competing firms. After several months of study, we picked a single company that we feel best looks out for its clients needs. This company happens to be Cash For Settlement Payments (CFSP).


Why We Chose Cash For Settlement Payments


We chose this particular factoring company for two main reasons: longevity and loyalty.



CFSP has been operating out of the Dallas area for twelve years. During that time, it has amassed a plethora of clients, all of who have nothing but positive things to say about the company. This shows without a doubt that this provider is not in the business of running scams or taking advantage of people. It is a legitimate company.



According to multiple testimonials we received, this particular factoring company goes the extra mile to make certain clients go home happy. One customer, for instance, told us how he was not satisfied with his initial quote. He figured getting a better one would be a real pain, but he decided to go ahead and try regardless.


Much to his surprise, the agents at Cash For Settlement Payments were completely amiable about the whole situation. They sat down and worked tirelessly with him to reach a fairer quote. This really impressed us, because this sort of dedication and loyalty to the customer is a rarity in this industry.


How The Whole Process Works


Speaking with former clients also allowed us to get an inside look at how the whole process works.


  • Clients start by forwarding all their info to the firm. This includes name, address, phone number, etc. This also includes all data pertaining to the settlement.


  • Clients then receive a quote from the company. Most clients reported accepting the quote, though a few chose to negotiate for a better deal instead.
  • Clients are then made to wait as the company finalizes everything. This process can take up to 90 days, as the company has to schedule everything through the courts.
  • Last but not least, clients get paid!

According to testimonials, the whole process is made even easier courtesy of CFSP’s extraordinarily dedicated customer support team. They practically walk clients by hand from each step to the next.


What Type Of Payment Can You Expect

The payment you get will be based on a myriad of factors, including the total settlement value, the length of the settlement and the risks associated with the payer. If you are trying to sell off lottery annuities, then there will be a lot less risk because such payments come from the government. If however you are trying to sell off payments from an insurance company, then the circumstances change drastically.

There’s no way to know upfront how much you will be offered, but just remember that the company will do everything in its power to give you a fair deal!

Where You Can Go To Get More Information

If you want to learn more about Cash For Settlement Payments website, feel free to call 877-392-8110, visit the website or stop by the office at 1717 McKinney Ave, Suite 700, Dallas, Texas, 75202. Good luck, and we hope for your sake that you choose this company!

Sell Annuity Payments

Selling your future payments can be difficult and hard to do. There are only a select few verified companies that are able to help you with this court approved process to resell your future cash flow to receive a present day cash value.

Sell Annuity Payments

We always recommend you to call an advisor who will shop around your deal. The annuity calculator team here suggests that you call 1-888-497-0724 and they will give you an overview on how the sale process works that we will detail below as well as a few different options on ways to obtain the money today and they will also shop around for you to get you multiple offers for your payments presenting you with the highest cash offer to you the annuitant.

Why May You Want To Sell Your Annuity Payments?

Life throws a lot of curveballs at you. It’s not easy to know what the future holds. In fact it is impossible to know. What we do know is that it’s unpredictable and the insurance companies are paying you on predictability at a much lower rate then if you were to invest the money yourself and hit it big with the lottery, starting a business that makes you millions of dollars, or simply using the money as you need it and want to spend it as opposed to having somebody else trying to tell you that they are going to hold the money over your head with a lot of contingencies that are simply just not fair to yourself.

There is a time value of money factor that is taken into consideration for the court and judge approved process to transfer your payments as the annuitant to the purchaser a structured settlement or annuity purchasing company. There will be a process server that will come to your place of residence and they will help guide you with the paperwork and tell you where to sign and what each of the signatures means. The insurance company will also be working with the purchaser that we set you up with who will pay you the most money and is a reliable and trust worthy company.

These stringent processes are in place for your security when selling. Everything is done for your protection and in the end when you receive the transfer of the funds to your bank account you will be very happy like the rest of our clients.

Transferring Annuity Payments that were Inherited

A lot of our clients that we help have inherited these annuities and do not need the dated cash flow but would rather have the money now.  Others are in jail or prison and need help to pay their legal bills. No matter what the situation is every person is treated the same and everybody gets  a generous offer when working with the representatives here at

Cash In Your Annuity Reviews

Cash in your annuity is a company that purchases structured settlement payments and annuities in the secondary market. There address according to their website is 8560 W. Sunset Blvd.

Suite 400 and 500, W. Hollywood, California, 90069

West Hollywood is a suburb of Los Angeles, California and a beautiful place to live if you can help enough people to trade in their annuity payments for a lump sum payment. We called their office at 1-800-325-3994 and they were extremely helpful and polite in making sure that we would have all the information needed if we wanted to sell a structured settlement and future annuities owed by the insurance company in the future.

They have an A+ rating with the better business bureau and overall I would be glad to recommend as a top tier purchaser who is run by legitimate management. So yes they receive our two thumbs up of approval.

Structured settlement – 2 Sides of the same coin

A structured settlement essentially happens to be a kind of arrangement. As per this particular arrangement, the plaintiff is provided with regular payments and that too over a long span of time. This might go on to include several years too, or even the rest of the plaintiff’s lifetime. They prove to be specifically helpful in cases of personal injury, especially instances wherein the liability insurer of the defender goes on to fund an annuity policy for the plaintiff. It’s this annuity which is beneficial for providing a continuous stream of income over the annuity term.

Deciding on a structured settlement – The pros involved

Basically annuity contracts are known to get quite complex as they can practically cover a wide variety of expected expenses. At the same time they provide a wide range of benefits too. Check them out.

  1. Tax benefit: A structured settlement is known to provide the plaintiff with a considerable tax benefit. The funds that are received from the annuity are actually tax free and this is all the more possible when the plaintiff doesn’t control the funds.
  1. Professional management: The annuity funds happen to be managed by a professional. In fact, there are some plaintiffs who’re known to treat lump sum settlements something on the lines of a windfall.
  1. Tailored annuities: Annuities can be very well tailored to cover the particular needs of the plaintiff plus all other sorts of future demands or eventualities involved.
  1. Combination advantage: An annuity can practically be combined with a lump sum payment and this proves especially handy when it comes to issues like rehabilitation costs, medical bills, debt repayments and likewise.
  1. Unanticipated advances: A structured settlement proves mainly beneficial as the funds can be dedicated for the purpose of unanticipated advances. These unanticipated advances are mostly for medicine. This is more so because in case medical science comes up with some miracle cure, then in that case the plaintiff has the chance of giving it a shot.
  1. Possibility of good settlement: It’s a structured settlement that has the capability of closing on the chasm between parties who’re far apart as far as their settlement negotiations are concerned. This provides the prospect for a good settlement.

Deciding on a structured settlement – The cons involved

At the same time it’s also a fact that a structured settlement comes with a certain set of cons. Just like one needs to weigh the pros and cons in case of debt relief, similarly structured settlement has its flipsides too. To know more click here.

  1. Not sufficient protection: There can be certain instances wherein there might not be sufficient protection involved. This might happen for particular cases where the annuity is placed with a broker who doesn’t have enough protection for insolvency.
  1. Forfeiture of tax benefit: There are chances of the IRS taking a look at the situation in case the plaintiff tries to retain excessive control over the proceeds and may just decide to forfeit the tax benefits involved.
  1. Reluctance of insurance companies: Generally the insurance companies show reluctance towards disclosing how much they’ve got to pay for buying an annuity for the settlement coverage. This makes it difficult for the plaintiff’s attorney to make a complete assessment.

Knowing the pros and cons actually help in judging a structured settlement better and hence it’s best to acquaint oneself with it beforehand.

Using JG Wentworth When You Need Cash

1-877 CASH NOW it’s my money and I want it now! You have all heard the wild and crazy opera singers and those on the bus complaining about how they need to get the money they need the most right now.

It helps to take a look at how J.G. Wentworth works as a company

When you need cash now where do you turn? It’s your money and you should have it when you need it. Due to the immense amount of complaints, reviews, and negative stories that we have read online about J.G. Wentworth (official website) we would like to give you an opportunity to cash out your structured settlement and maximize your Lump Sum Payment. Contact us today for a free quote.

As long as there are people that are on the earth, there are going to be those of us who need cash on an immediate basis, and we are not sure exactly how it is that we are going to be able to get it. What many of us also may be dealing with at the same time is a structured settlement, or an annuity. For the most part, a structured settlement or annuity is going to pay a small payment every month, or whatever the terms of the agreement are. In most cases this works well, but in others it does not work as well at all.

Why we need settlement companies

two business men shaking hands, money backgroundFor this reason, we are going to be in need of companies such as JG Wentworth who are there in order to help people make sense of something like a structured settlement or an annuity, and they are also going to be there in order to help you to make sure that you are making strong financial decisions regarding these structured settlements. In any case, it is going to be a good idea for us to be able to call for help when we need it, and companies like this are going to be there specifically for this purpose.

Most of the people who need to make use of the services of JG Wentworth need cash now, and there are more than likely going to be few exceptions. It is going to be important for us to know what our own financial situation is whether it is so that you are going to be able to make all of the decisions that you are going to need to be able to make in order for you to be as successful as possible in these areas. It is not always going to be easy for people to make the right decisions, but it is something that is going to nevertheless be important for us to be able to learn how to do on our own. With the assistance of others who have our best interest at heart, there is no reason why we are not going to be able to take the things that we know and add to them in order to make the difficult decisions that are going to need to be made for our own good.

Using the cash in an effective way

Although many who use the services of JG Wentworth need cash now, this by no means describes everyone. We have to know that there are those who are going to be able to use these services simply to be able to get cash for their structured settlement, rather than having to wait on another company to help them with getting their payment on time. We have to be willing to wait in some cases, but in others, we are going to be able to make sure that we are taking the things that have been given to us and using them to our best advantage, and using resources like JG Wentworth is one way of doing so.

The Percentage of People Who Buyout Structured Settlements

business man shaking hands with manager in the officeThere are going to be all kinds of people who are ready and willing to take the money that they have and invest it into something that is going to work well, and make money for them. Sometimes in order to be able to do this successfully, you are going to have to be able to have a ready influx of cash at your disposal which is going to be what you can use as a way for you to invest the money that you have into something else. It may sound like something that is simple, but it is not always going to be as easy as it sounds.

How structured settlements come to be

The structured settlement is something that might come to us in a few different ways, but ultimately it is going to be something that we may end up dealing with on our own, and maybe even have made the choice to get involved with on our own as well. Choosing to use these kinds of things as a way for us to be able to get immediate cash is not something that is going to be thought of as unusual, but there are also going to be a structured settlement buyout percentage, meaning that there are going to be a certain amount of people who are going to want to take the payment for their structured settlement in full and instead use some of the money for all kinds of different things that they are going to need some of the money for whether it is going to be to pay some of the extra bills that they have, or it is going to be to so any of the other things that they are going to want to be able to do for themselves in these kinds of cases.

Getting help selling your settlement

The structured settlement buyout percentage is going to be something that is much higher than people are going to think, whether it is something that they are even aware that they are going to have available to them or not. There are quite a lot of people out there who are not going to be willing to wait for these kinds of things to come to them, and instead they are going to want to make things happen all on their own. This is something that could be advised by someone that they trust and depending on the source, they may or may not want to take the advice that they have been given in this area of their lives. It is going to be important for people to attain the knowledge that they are going to need in order to be able to move forward in their lives with their money, because it is only by being knowledgeable about these kinds of things that you are going to be able to find the kind of success that you want to be able to have in your life, and especially with any of the extra money that you are going to have available at your disposal.